Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ice ice baby

Ava feeding the ducks at Scioto Park

Sophia wading in the water

Sophia, Ava, Logan and Nadia playing in the creek. 

"Call me...maybe?" Ryder at 9 weeks old. Such a big boy. 
We had a fun time last week -- we played at the park with our friends Sarah, Logan, Nadia and Debbie and her girls, we had a great lunch on Sunday with the Seeds and Heins at City BBQ and we got to see our cousin Nick and Aunt Rita. And the girls had fun at the pool with Momma Kuhns and Kelly, Ethan and Charlotte. It was a really fun week. Oh, and we had gymnastics. Ava is really enjoying gymnastics and learning a lot of new things. She like to do the uneven bars and tumble. Sophia loves it too and her Coach, Coach Amy.

This week we have gymnastics, laundry (oh!) and a fun week of back to school shopping. It's that time. Time for haircuts, lunch box shopping, as well as shoes.

Brandon got a great bike ride in of almost 40 miles and I got a long run in on Saturday. This long run kicked.my.butt. It was 8 miles and during mile six the rain came down in sheets. I got seriously soaked. And it hurt because body glide just doesn't work when it's raining. :)

This Saturday is my longest run, 10 miles, before the Emerald City 10K on Aug. 26.

Since I just started running again after having Ryder I have zero expectations for getting a pr (personal record). I am just using it as a tempo run for the Columbus Half in October. The Emerald City 10K was my very first race ever! And I am excited to run it again.

Here's some of my personal tips for running and staying healthy
(As you know, I'm not a doctor or trainer.) 

For some added inspiration, watch US marathoner Meb as he gets ready for a 12-mile tempo run. The guy is an animal.

  • Ice. Ice liberally and ice often. 
  • Take your mileage slow. If it's your first time for a double digit long run, aim for completing the miles and "time on feet" rather than killing it. It may not hurt your muscles during your run, but those little tears in your muscles will take a very long time to recover. Some coaches suggest doing 3 long runs per month and one shorter run at a 10 K or half marathon tempo pace. So 8, 9, 10 milers at a relatively easy pace at which you can hold a conversation, followed by a 5-6 mile tempo run at your 10K pace. This enables you to make sure you can run at your goal pace on race day and teaches your body how to run fast for long periods of time. 
  • Utilize ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory foods 
  • Do dynamic stretching before running (less than 30 seconds) and static stretching after running (holding stretch for 30-90 seconds). Never, ever run and then head home. This is a sure way to get straight up injured. 
  • Every third or fourth week in your training cycle, take a rest week. Cut your mileage and allow your body to reboot.
  • Cross-train! I set my two-mile pr when I started swimming and cycling. This also builds up other muscles. Cycling is supposed to be the best cross-training exercise for runners. 
  • Try this stretch after your long runs, it acts just like an ice bath and takes the lactic acid out of your legs. Source-Runner's World
  • Bounce Back From a Long Run

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