Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zuch crazy

Those little zucchinis and squash are some of the most prolific veggies in the garden. During the summer, I can get overwhelmed and just cook them the same old way.

However, I found this cool recipe on Food Network that makes zucchini pasta by using a mandolin or veggie scraper to make ribbons out of the zucchini. This recipe uses salt (I would do it for 20 min, not 30) to soften the fibers, which makes it taste and feel like a piece of pasta.

Very weird, but good. I had my doubts, but the pasta was just like an al dente pasta. Really fresh.

However, another technique, like this recipe, is to not salt the pasta so you may want to play with it and see what you like. Or you can serve it hot, like in this NY Times recipe.

Using a veggie peeler to make zucchini pasta. 

Add salt and let sit in colander for 20 min to soften and release some of the moisture. 

Instead of using fresh tomatoes, I used can of San Marzanos since mine weren't ready yet. 

Open-faced Cali BLT with bacon (cheese house, garden maters, avocado, lettuce, lime and a lime aioli with cilantro. mmm! 

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