Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoo day with Sista Rachel, Cadence and Caroline

Rachel and Sophia brushing a little goat. 
Little friends

Ava's one request - the petting zoo

Ava, Sophia and I 

Can I squeeze her? Really? Caroline, Rachel's twin, brushing a little goat. 

Ava and Sophia with their maps. They love to get zoo maps during our trip. 

Cadence and Ava picking out some brushes to groom the goats. 

Little Rachel, er Caroline, looking at a moose statue. 


My sister Rachel dislikes zoos. But she loves her kids, Cadence and Caroline. So she made a parenting sacrifice and joined us one day while they were here to go to the Cbus Zoo.

We had a great time and walked probably almost 3 miles (!) around the zoo. The girls loved the polar bears, bears and leaping monkeys. But they probably liked the dip and dots the best.

They also had a great time in the petting zoo (ugh:) ).

Wish Rachel and her little girls were here more often. We loved having them and Jessie here.

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