Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I would swim one mile...

Since I have to decrease my running mileage being pregnant, I have started swimming more--LOVE!

As Lance Armstrong says it's the best sport you can do because you are holding your breath 50 percent of the time. My stroke was def. in need of some TLC. It was making my breathing hard and felt like I was dying after a couple of laps. Pretty sure being pregnant has something to do with my having to go a little slower and take more breaks.

However, I have steadily been trying to increase my time in the pool and yardage. I started last summer swimming maybe 400 yards and that was darn hard. But, I have increased since then and been keeping track with the flip flop system.

I started increasing from there to 700, 900, 1,000, 1100 etc. to today where I did 1,350! Excited as it's so close to 1650 yards. :) Did I take breaks - mmm yes. I def. have to right now being 30 weeks prego, but i got it done around 45 minutes which was a lot faster than I have been doing. And the swim feels amazing after running because it's low impact and still enables me to increase endurance.

Do you have any goals that you are working toward? Breaking 2-hour half marathon or 4 hour marathon? Or running your first marathon? Getting a raise or promotion or internship at work?


Jess said...

1. a.finishing a triathelon (mini)
b. figuring out how to ride a bike so my behind isn't killing me.
c. getting a bike.
2. praying daily over my husband.
3. getting into "bikini" shape.
4. finding and mastering a pork chop recipe.

Erin said...

1. you will rock because you are super speedy.
b. Ha! -bike shorts?
c. me too!!
2. That's a great goal.
3. done
4. mmm - smothered in gravy I hope?