Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

Awkward and awesome Tuesday.
Have you ever been to The Daybook? Love the awkward and awesome column she does and thought it would be fun to do my own version.

Walking and talking to Sophia in my arms last week, I hopped over a curb only to fall head first into the pavement. Sophia and I both bit it hard and I felt like a horrible parent. Not to mention, two people came over to help and we had a to fill out "an incident report." However, the manager came over and gave Sophia a balloon, a free chocolate milk and brought us an ice pack. So sweet.

Realizing that claiming the last chocolate pudding as "my own and you better not touch it" is taking it to a little extreme measures.

Wearing a swimming suit while pregnant and having people say Whoa! as they look at your belly. Really anytime you have to wear a swimming suit while pregnant is awkward. :)

Body issues- let's just say your body is not your own while pregnant. Third baby is def. a different story.

Learning a new stroke at swim class! #post-swim high.
Getting to spend time with the girls on our first free full day. Totally free to clean, bake and do laundry. So nice.
Getting my free truffle from Godiva (sense a chocolate theme here).
I needed a new workout shirt since my belly is peeking through on the bottom and scored a huge deal at GAP - a workout shirt for $5 that was mismarked. And the guy gave me a 40% off coupon for the next weekend for the whole store.
Fresh new hair! Thanks Amber!
Getting in my most mileage since being pregnant at 29 weeks! I was safe and on vaca so I had some more time and it was great.

What about you? Any awkward or awesome comments?

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