Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Winter running

It's Wednesday!
Today the girls and I are going to Ava's preschool to clean her room and maybe getting some sweet new tires tonight for Brandon's car.

Since it snowed last night, I thought it would be cool to highlight some cool winter running apparel that I love or own. Really I keep it pretty basic and don't buy a ton of winter running shirts since I am pretty cheap. But when I shop, I make sure I absolutely love every single thing I buy since it's sometimes steep.

Lulemon Brisk run gloves that let you change your iPhone playlist mid run without taking off your gloves.
W Brisk Run Glove

When I run, I wear pretty much the same thing - a Brooks shirt+Northface Jacket+Nike tights. Even in 10-20 degree weather this keeps me warm enough. Ohio weather is notorious for being crazy, so layers are great.

The Brooks long sleeve shirt I got at Fleet Feet in Polaris during a mad dash for a winter long-sleeve shirt. I appreciate the long sleeves that extend by my thumbs and the tight fit around the midsection so there's no rubbage.


This is similar to the Northface jacket I run in, but for some reason I can't find the exact match. It's a soft, lightweight shell that is a great windstopper and has a hoodie. I love the hoodie because it keeps my head dry when it's snowing/slushing outside.

TightsI run in these tight and love them because of the zipper that allows you to easily take the tights off after sloshing through snow and mud, last Saturday was insanely muddy. Also, they make me not feel so exposed like the Underarmer ones that aren't as thick. Try a couple of designs and see what works for you. The price, $65, is hefty, but each year it gets less expensive. I didn't have to buy any running clothes this year.

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