Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday likey

Feeling blah?
Make this Tuesday likey recipe--Paula Deen's concoction for a yum strawberry sorbet. I used frozen strawberries and fresh lime and it was fresh and yum on a winter day. Use your Cuisinart ($50) ice cream machine maker to make it smooth and creamy and freeze with plastic wrap on top before serving (at least a good 3-4 hours prior to serving).

It's Tuesday, which means a rather blah night for TV, preschool for Ava cakes this morning, and the gym with my little buddy Sophia. I had a great time at the gym, and got in some swim workouts, including working on my breathing (tend to inhale water), power per stroke, and not getting a mouthful of water from the guy swimming like a freakin shark next to me. He was literally making big waves in the water that I got to swim through.

Waves+water=open water tri practice. ha.

I still feel like being prego and doing any exercise can be frustrating.

You cramp if you go too fast. Your poor legs remember their 8-9 min pace and want to go there and sadly they can't. And you want to beat that wave making guy in the next lane and you can't because you get cramps. But, it feels so good after a good workout. Did 650-700 yards and felt good since it was a mental thing of remembering what I was working on from my last session.

I also ran 3.2 miles last night outside in shorts! Shorts I tell you. In the middle of January and it was bliss.

Baby is 24 weeks tomorrow! Feeling good and just get tired after a long day. This week marks our 6 month! Very exciting. Our next doctors appointment will be the glucose test. Gained two pounds this week alone. Whew. Brandon says he can tell my belly is an inch bigger.

Brandon is busy at work and running and maybe thinking about doing the Cap City Half. We are also busy helping out with the Vista Worthington church plant. It's been cool to see how God works things out every Sunday. It's been a really awesome experience.

Ava loves her preschool and loves to show me everything she is doing with her class. Her birthday is this weekend so we are taking in goodie bags for her class. She also has a ballet party, Barbie and the Three Musketeers, on Sunday. She loves to act like she is riding horses or is a big girl. She is really practical and a big helper. Some of her tasks now are washing off the table, turning off TV, lights before we leave or helping me sort laundry.

Sophia is our little clown and literally makes Brandon and I laugh all of the time. She is funny and cheerful most of the time and will share anything. She loves to mimic me and say, "My belly hurts," or "What's that noise?" or "No fair!," with her little pout (that makes me laugh inside). They are really best friends and play together so well and just go up to their rooms and play for hours sometimes. It's kind've making me spoiled. What is going to happen when Ryder shows up and needs 24/7 attention? Sophia is really good at putting her plate away after dinner and helping me cook. The girls really both love to help me cook.

They also love their gymnastic classes on Friday with Coach Karen. Sophia loves to do somersaults and Ava is working on her roundoff.

Have a great week!

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