Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fresh face

With the new year upon us, resolutions abound. Just going to the gym shows how many people want to look their best, shape up and make a change.

I was swimming laps yesterday and had to wait almost five minutes for a lane. It was crazy. It's never that busy. The treadmills are packed, the weight room is busy as well as the nursery. I am secretly glad that people do those resolutions if only for their opportunity to see how amazing working out can be--both mentally and physically.

Yesterday I swam about 500 yards and worked on my flip turn, pretty much sucking in as much water as possible. It wasn't pretty and at one point I hoped the lifeguard didn't think she had to rescue me as I downed water from the turn like it was my job. If you want to learn more about doing a flip turn, check this out.

After I get out of the water, for some reason my face is usually totally makeup free and it's sometimes intimidating to have no cover up on like these famous stars here.

Today we are going to the library, making some tortilla soup from my fav Barefoot Contessa and facing my nemesis--the laundry.

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