Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 13!

Well, we are doing really good. Minus evening sickness-Baby is growing and my little pooch is turning into more of a round belly shape. :) Hopefully, not like I just inhaled two or three Chipotle burritos.

I have been feeling a tad better (read-can actually go somewhere at night).

The extra saliva and gagging thing is still here, along with food aversions. I had been enjoying caesar salad until my "What to Expect" told me it was a "no-no." Darn.

It does help to have some candy or something to suck on. My energy level is pretty good in the morning so I am trying to keep running (think 11-12 min. miles), lifting and doing TRX. I can still run 4-5 miles pretty slowly, which I felt good about. It's really such a blessing that I can take Sophia to the Dublin Rec Center to work out. It just makes me feel normal.
Below are some of the amazing pictures from last Saturday's fall run. Gorgeous weather. The porch picture is at 8/9 weeks.

We have a checkup this Tuesday with my nurse practitioner. The baby is doing well and Brandon and the girls are very excited.

Sophia and Ava have been playing together so well lately. It's cool how as they get older they are playing by themselves for longer periods of time. Today they had a tea party and a birthday party for each other. Ava sang, "Happy Birthday to myself!" which cracked me up.

Sophia is officially done with her pink paci. This is a BIG achievement and we are very proud of her. She has had it for almost 3 years and was obsessed. Literally we tried almost 3 other times to take it away. The girls had dentist appointments (you see where I'm going with this...) and the dentist told Sophia that she needed to stop sucking so her adult teeth would come in okay. For some reason, this seemed to work in her mind. Thank goodness. :)

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