Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh baby!

So the reason for the blog hiatus is this little guy/girl in the photo above. We are expecting baby #3 in May! We had our first doctor's appointment last week and it went well. They took blood, did an ultrasound and we chose our hospital. The baby's heartbeat was 180 - our little hummingbird. Brandon and Ava were there with me and it was really sweet to have Ava with us. She did great and was such a big girl.

I used to feel like Superwoman. Everyday I would have tons of energy to work, clean, do fun crafts with the girls, working out every day and running and swimming without feeling like I was gasping for air. And Brandon would come home and get to rest and appreciate a home cooked meal. While I am slowly getting some energy back, after about 5 pm most days the couch beckons me. And he gets to have lots of quality time with the girls. This giving up the "notion" of being superwoman was admittedly very tough at the beginning. But what grace you get when you allow other people to do things for you.

On the way to church yesterday, Brandon said he would rather do things for other people than accept them -- it's harder to accept someone doing something nice for you and I have to agree. It takes grace to know you have weaknesses. You get tired. You are not superwoman.

In terms of exercise, now, I run and enjoy it but at a much slower pace. This slower pace actually is nice and helps me appreciate just running for running sake. And I am lifting weights again.

Spending time with the girls while sick has been nice. Cuddles on the couch and lots of kisses. That's pretty much all they want anyways. Mommy time.

Week 10 and I feel like I am finally popping in the belly a bit. I have cravings for Orangina, clementines, ice cream, anything salty like ham or sausage, beans (weird), jelly beans and hard candy. Any veggies are mostly pot, carrots or celery (last week I had 6 stalks in a sitting--heard they have lots of sodium).


Tonia said...

Y E S!!! Praise Jesus! So excited for y'all. You are still superwoman to me!!!

Erin said...

Thanks Tonia! We are so excited! :) 11 weeks today! :)