Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Here are some pics from the U.S. Air Force Marathon. We had a ball and Marshall Ulrich was a fascinating speaker as he explained climbing the seven peaks and running across America. When he said he was going to talk about his mountain climbing instead of just his book, "Running on Empty," I thought, "Brandon will love this!"

Ulrich was so inspiring. He answered many questions after his presentation including how did he fuel for his daily 70 miles that he ran in 46 days. (Answer: He would eat a huge breakfast, run slow marathon, take a nap, eat, then run quicker at night until 1 am or 2 am.) He kept on telling us that the human body is amazing and it can do more than we can possibly imagine.


After the expo we went to our hotel in Miamisburg (love the doubletree chocolate chip cookies) and had a quick dinner at Bravo. Half sizes there and it was just enough.

We loved the location of our hotel because in the morning everyone was coming from the opposite direction and our entrance gate was not even backed up. Supposedly some people had to run the mile to the start because it was so backed up. We had no problems and got there at 6:10 am.

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