Thursday, September 22, 2011

apples galore

Black Friday at Lynd's Fruit Farm happens during the second week of September. It's a mass of cars, crying toddlers, swarming bees and oh, so delectable honey crisp apples. The reason for all of the mile-back car lines. It's a good thing.

We went about two weeks ago on Friday with our friends, Jess, Eli and Jude. We literally picked two huge bags of apples in like 10 minutes. Those apples were ripe and juicy and aside from crying kids (mine) and swarming bees that stung children (mine) we had a fun time. Or I should say, a fun experience. Because when you go to an apple orchard with your little kids, you are playing Russian roulette. And well, you win some and you lose some.

But, they love eating the apples every day and we had a great time with friends, although we never could find Tonia and saw Sarah later. And we saw Amber and little Garrett, cutest little baby ever.

Now the girls open the fridge and pull out a ripe apple and enjoy every bite. I made some freezer applesauce and would love to make some apple tarts.

Freezer applesauce
  • Roast apples that are peeled and cored in 350 oven until very tender.
  • Add brown sugar, cinnamon, and a little water or apple juice and puree in blender.
  • Put in jars and freeze. Mmm! I love it a little slushy. Apple slushies are the best.

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