Monday, August 29, 2011

That's Verboten

Day 10 of no running has subject morose, quieter than usual with signs of twitching. Patient exhibits marked irritability, fatalistic thoughts of never running again and motivation to throw projectiles toward runners out her window.

Pool at rec center is closed for week and bike kind've hurts her foot. Yoga made her foot hurt but her legs hurt in a good way. Patient needs exercise soon or will eat entire Dairy Queen supply of twist flavored ice cream.

Husband agrees. Especially when he ran a blistering five miles at 8:29 pace (one mile was 7:58) and came home and exclaimed about it. Danger zone. As patient's sister Jessie says, that's verboten (forbidden in Pennsylvania dutch. We often use it while playing dutch blitz, a crazy addicting card game.

verboten - excluded from use or mention; "forbidden fruit"; "in our house dancing and playing cards were out"; "a taboo subject

Talking about your "great run today" may get you a shot to the gullet. Or at the very least a very, very bad look.

I have the Emerald City half marathon this weekend, which is why I am trying to rest my foot, ice it, and take lysine (helps with sports injuries-only one vitamin a day.) Hopefully, I will be able to run the race.

Also, Brandon and I are pumped about the Air Force 10K Sept. 17. It looks sweet. They have it at an air force base with flyovers while you are running. My goal if healthy is to run it under one hour.


Ali said...

Verboten is German. And I love all things German. Which means I love this post. Praying for healing for you. And for your run this weekend. You continue to inspire me, friend.

Erin said...

Right! We Shmidts are pretty german. Thank you for the prayers Ali!