Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby steps

The Ohio Women's Tri for the Cure is coming up July 30. I can't wait to run, --er, swim, bike, run--and help raise money for a great cause. I have had dreams on not making the swim part, running in sloooowww motion, and basically being late to the whole thing. For some reason, I always have these dreams. Before the Cap City Half Marathon, I had dreams that I was running and woke up halfway through the race.

There are lots of ways to get ready for any activity. It's actually one of the fun parts of the event. I just made my race list detailing all of the things I will need to remember, bought my swim cap and goggles (pink!).

Dsc0264.jpg (50772 bytes)
"Baby step into the elevator"

I can bike. And I can run. But swim? I was telling my friend Molly I still remember my swim lessons. How the water felt, how cold it was, and the certificate I got for finishing. I am not the greatest. It was hard to swim 25 meters (one lap of pool) without stopping at first. I did 15 meters without stopping, then 25 and then 50 and last week 80-plus, until some teens beebopped me in the pool swim lane. It so reminded me of the "What About Bob?" movie - baby steps.

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Ali said...

Best movie ever - What about Bob!

And you are going to rock that tri.