Friday, July 29, 2011


The Ohio Women's Tri for the Cure is tomorrow! I am really excited about doing it and a little peeved.

Like--"Why the heck did I sign up for this thing that has me swimming when i just learned how to swim right four weeks ago?" I didn't know that you had to wear a swim hat and goggles or that you should exhale through your nose in the water.

Every time I get ready to do a race, I get testy and just want the gosh darn thing to be over with. For me, the best part if planning it and signing up for it -- the rush of excitement, my goals going through my head, marking off my training schedule.

And then race day comes...

Or the night before...and my stomach hurts all day.

Having the girls and Brandon cheer me on are about the only thing I look forward to.

Wednesday night I swam with Heather again and felt a lot better. We did the swim race course twice so I would feel comfortable. And can I tell you how amazing Heather is? I just love her spirit and how much she goes for her goals--hello Ironman! She has a race in September and I know she will do amazing.

And Brandon is letting me ride his rode bike, which is sweet. I told him now I know why road bikers name their bikes. Going from the hybrid trek to his road bike was like going from peanut butter to nutella.

So, how do you handle new situations? Do you become more outgoing? Or less? I have all of my things on the floor, ready to go.

I would love to finish the race under one hour. Second goal is to finish the race under 55 minutes. I know I can run pretty fast, but not sure how I will run after swimming and running. I would love to run a sub 8:30 for two miles.


Brandon said...

to answer your question...less outgoing. of course you already knew that about me. :)

Brandon said...

Oh yea, and you will do awesome tomorrow. Don't forget to have fun.