Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camping at Hocking Hills

We went on our annual family camping trip with friends and had a ball. Rain-beat it. Lightening-take it. Trash truck--at 5 am really?

We got down to Hocking Hills in the early afternoon and hiked on the Conkles Hollow trail. It was a steamy 90-plus degrees. Humid. Sticky.

In the middle of our walk it started getting dark and cool and wind was rustling through the trees so we started back. The girls had so much fun and loved our hiking together.

After that we met the others at the rainy, stormy campsite and decided to head to dinner.

Camping was fun after that with the rain stopping. We all roasted marshmallows, put up the tents and sat around the campfire. After a crazy, stormy night with lots of lightening - yikes! -- we woke up to clear skies. It was still drizzling a little bit so we decided to just pack it up. The girls slept the whole way home and Sophia slept until noon (8:30 am-noon!). They were pooped. The kids' fav. part was the shallow water area around the bottom of the Lower Falls. And they all wore glow sticks at night so we could see them.

After we got home, we rested and took turns napping. Then since it was 93 degrees, we went to the pool after 5 with Livy, Andrew and Mom and took a pizza from Fratelli's. Amazing thin crust, NY-style pizza. I swam laps and noticed my form is doing better--just still slow. I had to do laps by a freakin swim team that was going at warp speed. Ouch.

Olivia wore my swim hat and goggles and loved them. She is so cute. Andrew and her did their lifeguard test for the diving board and did great.

To get some biking in, I rode my bike up to the pool (2.8) and back. On the way back I wore my garmin and rode seven miles in 26:01 min at a 16.1 mph pace. I was pretty excited as that's pretty fast for me. Practice makes better. :)

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