Monday, June 20, 2011

My first "brick"

I have been wanting to try a "brick" training after reading a couple of blogs on tri-athalons. It's on my bucket list so I did a run through tonight.

Bike-7 miles, 29.55 minutes
Run-2 miles, 8:15/mile or 16:?? something- on my garmin.

I took Brandon's Trek hybrid and went for seven miles. I loved biking, but it was right after the rain and the road was slick so I played it safe. I would like to get this under 26 or 27 min. I also had to stop at all of the stop signs and make turn signals and whatnot. How do triathletes train? Head to the country? Our "country road" is beautiful and deadly. It's a state route so it's not the safest.

I came back and time my transition time to get my bike put away and the helmet off --13 sec. And then forgot I didn't have water and ran in the house for some water and then trotted down to the trail to run 2 miles. My legs, really quads, were sore. Very fatigued after biking up the last hill. But I started running and was at a 8:03 pace and was like, "hello?" I thought I would be more fatigued, but the biking really made me go faster, which was not what I thought would happen. I stopped twice to unload my phone and fix my falling ponytail (note to self: bring bobby pins) and ended the run at a 7 minute something sprint. It was a really fun workout and nice to change it up.

Would you ever do a tri? Have you ever done one? What would be your fav. part? My fav. part would def. be the running followed by the bike. Swimming is def. my weakest area.

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