Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun weekend.

We visited Poppa and Luke and Kelly on Saturday and Ethan and Charlotte.
Saturday had the bluest skies. So pretty. And I got to get in a five-mile run in with Molly (i did some prelaps) in downtown Dublin. So fun running on trails and in quaint Dublin. After that I had a Groupon for Pai Yoga behind Trader Joes. I signed up for Hot Yoga, which was around 9:15 on Saturday. A hot yoga newbie, I really enjoyed this class. I walked in and the heat like kicked your face. :) It started at 94 and went to 101. Was it overwhelmingly hot? No, I thought it would be a lot worse. The yoga teacher had us doing fun flows that weren't just warrior 1, warrior 2 (dislike) and challenged us to do other poses if we felt up to it. Only like one person did the hard pose so you didn't feel pressure. I left feeling worked, but great and really clean. They had a place to stash your shoes and bags as well. And the front desk lady was very helpful and nice. Plus. The only thing that I disliked was yoga-ese. "Let your belly button yawn," etc. I almost laughed out loud...
Brandon went with his friend Kevin to the Tour de Grandview, a pro biking event near Columbus. He really enjoyed it and watching the lawn parties around Grandview.

Sunday we also went out to lunch with friends and then to Lola's 3rd birthday party at Pump It Up. The girls had so much fun and Lola was adorable. Ann and Tommy had a great party and it was fun to see little Eliza.
Ann and Lola
Cutie patootie Eliza.
Michelle and Grace, Ava's little friend and our family friend.

Brandon after his softball game - they won!
Ava and Sophia playing with their bubbles from Lola.

Brandon did this pic in instagram. He said, "I really like your dress." To which I said, Okay, I will buy it in all of the colors....

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Brandon said...

I meant I like you in that dress and that color...ha