Thursday, June 09, 2011

Craft Beer night

So I planned a cousin party during Craft Beer Week and realized it after I had done so. We had craft beer tasting on the calendar already and I thought it was a happy coincidence.

If you have never had a craft beer tasting, you just need a helpful guide or sheet to let you know what to look for and taste, some refreshing snacks to eat while tasting and tasters (Becca and Shaun!).

Brandon led us through some great beers ranging from light (pale ales) to dark (imperial stouts). We had about an ounce sample of each and said things like, "soapy," "grassy," "chocolatey" and so forth. I found this great beer tasting wheel online that helped us see where the beer fit.

Sister shot! Becca! 

We had fruit, sausages with onion, and Brazenhead style chips with my version of their sauce. Shaun brought some amazing bread from a friend and Becca brought some some cookies with fruit. We ended with pieces of dark chocolate. Mmm. 

I think this was the Anchor ale. 

Brandon was our trusty beer guide with Shaun. Thanks for coming guys! 

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Ali said...

What a great idea!