Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautiful weather

This weather in Ohio has been amazing. It's beautiful skies, sun that doesn't cook an egg in the driveway and perfect weather for kids to play at the park without worrying about heat exhaustion. We had a fun time yesterday picking strawberries and today we went to the gym. Last night Brandon and I ran before dinner. I did about 3.5 and did some core work on our trail in the forrest that was quiet and so still. It's my secret workout spot. :)

Today: 6 miles/ 9:37 pace, speed intervals with rest between.
Today, I did six miles on the treadmill and had a great workout. I was def. feeling the six miles, but it felt really good. I got up to 6:58 min for some of my intervals, which was a great feeling.


Brandon and I registered for the US Air Force 10K. Well, I registered Brandon and then told him, "Guess what, I registered you for the 10K!"

We had wanted to do the half marathon but it was already sold out. I almost didn't want to do the 10K because it was $40 and honestly I am cheap. However, it looks pretty sweet and it's a pretty popular race around here.
Air Force Marathon

Air Force Marathon
Wright-Patterson Air Base

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