Monday, May 23, 2011

Sandidge family

Sarah and I with Diesel (10 weeks). Sarah and I were suitemates in college with Ann. 

Such a cutie

The girls had a little tea with dinner. 

Lula, Sophia and Ava. First time meeting little Lula - what a doll! 

Jay, Sarah and Diesel before they left for Maryland.

Ava asked Jay to read a book.  

Sarah and Diesel.

The Sandidges stopped by for dinner with us while they were on the road to Maryland. We had an awesome time reconnecting after four, long years! Sarah and I were friends in college along with Ann.
And we were all in each other weddings!

The cool thing about seeing the Sandidges was that it was just like we have been seeing each other this whole time. We just picked up where we left off. I love that. Life happens but friendships still remain!

We are traveling (hopefully) back to college this October for homecoming. We don't usually go, but I wanted to travel there this year to see everyone!

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