Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PWs Mocha Brownies

Start with your ingredients: I love to use Valrhona Coco powder. Although it's pricy, a little goes a long way. Mine has lasted about six months. It's uber chocolatey! 

Sophia watching the mixer. When baking, I always try to use room temp eggs. Speed up the process by putting the eggs in warm water. The butter should be room temp as well -- left out about 45 minutes. 

Sophia cooking with her paci. I found her paci one time after looking everywhere in the house in the mixing bowl. 
I love baking on Sunday afternoons. It's this calm, free thing that is so relaxing. The coffee is brewed, the house is quiet with little nappers and I have a couple of hours to myself. We made the Pioneer Woman's brownies one Sunday afternoon and they were delicious! The brownies are more cakey than gooey. Sophia loved helping me lick the bowl.

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