Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

Ethan pointing out the duck eggs. 

Ava, love this. 

Best buddies-Charlotte and Sophia

Bffs Ava and Ethan

We had a great Mother's Day this year. My mom made a huge spread. We had turtle soup (dad), rib roast,  potatoes, amazing bread and homemade butterscotch pudding (mom found the recipe in Edible Columbus), frittata (me) and champaign! So nice to celebrate with both my mom and Sharon, Brandon's mom. We had a great time with Sharon and Creston and Mom and Dad. And the weather was so beautiful (love that pic of Ava). The girls did some sun napping while the guys did the dishes.

Earlier, Brandon brought me coffee in bed and went to get donuts from our local donut shop. The girls were fighting over my donut, which was chocolate with sprinkles. Mmm! And the girls got me a yellow basket of gerber daisy flowers. I can't wait to plant them! 

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