Sunday, May 08, 2011

Cap City Half Marathon

Wow. All I can say is thank you Lord I finished!

We started race morning at 5:30 am. I made us peanut butter, honey and banana toasts with coffee. I told Brandon I was having a problem eating it and thought it was my nerves. I felt like I had a hole in my stomach because I was so nervous (later find out it wasn't just nerves).

We got dressed, loaded up and headed into Columbus about 6:30 am for the 8 am start. Brandon works at Nationwide Insurance and we went into the building and hung out and I went to the bathroom no less than 5 times. Around 7:40 we headed down to the start about 5 minutes from the parking garage. Nice!

The start was awesome. We were in a corral that was a little crowded, which was hard to get into. The lead sax player from OAR played the National Anthem and then we waited 90 seconds for the horn to blow.

What I liked most was that they did the corrals in waves. Each corral had to wait for a separate horn for them unlike the Columbus Marathon where everyone starts together and you feel like you are in the Wild West! Elbows out I told Brandon.

The actual course was really nice except I felt like the first 6 miles were spent doing little bunny hills up. We ran towards Grandview and then did a loop and headed towards Lane Avenue.

Brandon and I were going to try to run together if we felt good. We were both aiming for 2 hours. At mile 2, Brandon and I split up. He was feeling really good and I was struggling with stomach issues. At mile 3 I saw Jess, our friend, and started crying, I think being sick just made me feel off and it was so nice to see her. I was in survival mode and even thought about getting a DNF (Does not finish), but told myself I would regret that forever and didn't want to quit.

I saw the quarter marathoners heading in and thought about going with them.

At mile 6 I started getting in a better place although I was shivering and felt really cold. I thought I could do it if I just kept my pace at a certain speed. I couldn't go faster or my stomach would rebel. My feet felt great and my knee was awesome. I was on a 9:27 pace here, but thought, if I pull back I can finish.

I saw Amber who was also racing around mile 10 in the dreaded German Village part and we ran together a little bit. It was so nice to see a friend!

I had told Brandon that running from German Village to High Street is the hardest part -- people were walking up the big hill at mile 11. Elevation went from around 100 to 800-plus.

I did a steady pace up and then blessed the race director who chose to have us go by the Vern Riffe building -- a total downhill stretch where you felt like you were flying. Thank you race gods.

I finished the race at 2:09 almost a 20-minute PR (Columbus Marathon 2:28)! Brandon finished at 2:00:17. Whoohoo! It was his first!

Congrats to Tonia and Amber for finishing speedy! And to Katie for her amazing time. Seriously, girl you are fast!! And to Dave for breaking 2 hours. Whoohoo.

Thinking back it wasn't the 2 hour mark I craved, but I learned that struggling through and pulling deep was a better reward. I didn't quit, didn't give up and gave my all.

Champaign at the end never tasted so sweet.

And next time you know what my goal will be. :)

Kind've sad today when I looked at my training program and saw this:

Hello Erin Shmidt,

You have no upcoming workouts...

I have a new goal in mind in June. You will have to wait and see!

Our drive in to Columbus. 

Brandon hanging out.

Me posing. Hey, we had 15 minutes to waste. :)

At the start

Brandon and Dave after they did awesome in the race! 

Jess and I after the race--thanks for cheering Jess!

Sipping champaign at the finish line party. 

Becca acting like she works at Northstar where we went to get some amazing ricotta pancakes. 

Can I have cream and sugar please? We also take paparazzi shots. 

Sharon and Creston were so nice to come down and watch the girls. Thanks guys!
Letting won the half marathon with a 4:58 pace. Seriously?

So proud of you Brandon! You did amazing.


Jess said...

You did so great Erin. So proud of ya!!! Whatever you have in store for June I wanna start training!!! maybe we can plan a "moms morning out" runs!!! I could come up and run with you before Brandon goes to work?? (Dave will be home for the summer). You are inspiring me!!!

Ali said...

You are so stinkin' awesome.

Erin said...

Jess-You know I would love to -- thanks! :) We do have really pretty trails here and lots of scenery. Probably start running next week again. I can always come there on Saturdays.

Ali - thanks friend!