Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Brandon is away for a training at work and my iphoto is not working right. So, until my techie gets back, I thought I would just write down our running schedule for anyone interested.

When I first started running, I looked over the internet for information on running. I didn't have any idea on long runs, hydration or even what to eat before I run. There are great sites that I love to read like Runners World or fun blogs. Even better most of these blogs are running/cooking blogs. Love that.

Here's what we are running this week

Wednesday-6 2 easy, 4 race pace
Saturday-11 (close to May race)

I have found yoga on off days is so nice! It helps my muscles stretch and helps tighten my core. Strength training is also great.

Long Runs
Brandon and I eat the token pb toast before we run and a cup of coffee. We bring along a bottle of half/water/gatoraide. Last week during our long run (10), we had some shot blocks, which I didn't care for around mile 5 and a GU later on. The GUs are awesome and you can totally feel it working. And water. Lots of it.

We are making our longs runs dates! It's been really fun to run with Brandon--we never get a chance because of Ava and Sophia and it's so nice to have a running partner. Especially a really cute one.

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