Monday, April 04, 2011

Lazy Sunday

 Stopping by Red Mango with Becca and Katie for some frozen yogurt.
 Yummy yogurt with graham cracker cereal and strawberries. The yogurt is all-natural and low fat.
Two cuties Becca and Katie with their yogurt. Love Becca's hat.
Love sister time. Becca and I finishing off the last of the yummy goodness.

Sundays around our house are pretty lazy. We get up and head to church and then come home eat a quick lunch and sleep. Sunday naps are a must. I remember growing up even our family always took that long nap on Sundays.

Becca and I were craving frozen yogurt so we did an Amazing Race/Yelp quest for some froyo with Katie. Mmm after a couple of turnarounds we found Red Mango and really liked it. It's different than past froyo shops like TCBY in that it's Korean style frozen yogurt with a fresh, tangy taste.

The yogurt was really fresh and tasted so good with the crunchy graham cereal and strawberries. We all agreed though that the toppings at places like Menchis are more indulgent. RM didn't have cookie crumbles or reese cups, only cereals and fruits.

Overall, we all really liked it. The yogurt was super fresh and the campus vibe with Becca and Katie was a lot of fun.

Do you froyo?

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