Monday, April 04, 2011

it's raining, it's pouring...

Ava and Sophia are restless with this weather. The rain is further driving in the fact that while it's a 70-degree day outside, we can't enjoy it. Sigh, the irony. Ava did jump in some puddles tonight.

To combat cabin fever, we made mini pizzas today.

Ava and Sophia love putting on their own cheese, sauce and seasoning (oregano) on their mini pizzas.  I just read today that oregano has more antioxidants in 1/2 teaspoon than three cups of fresh spinach! That's just crazy.

Anyways, Brandon and I had five mile easy run today. He ran this morning and I ran while he took the girls to the library. I felt really good even if it was raining--the rain makes you more awake that's for sure.

 We have had monsoon-like rain today -- this from one day of rain.
 Usually the creek is six feet below the tree.
 Half of some of the trails were covered with Mill Creek.
 After my run Brandon was sweet enough to take my shoes off because I was so cold. My shorts were dripping wet.
 The drowned rat look is so hot now.
Our lunch! The girls had pepperoni that I freeze until we need it (I have a weird passion for frozen pepperoni) and mine had onions.

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