Saturday, April 30, 2011

The hay is in the barn

Today is my last long run (11 miles) in prep for the Cap City Marathon. It's somewhat bittersweet as I love training for races more than the actual race.

Weird I know but it's like the week before Christmas or before your flowers are blooming. You see the future and can look forward to it. Anticipation is sometimes better than the actual.

Brandon is still feeling sick and has a pulled neck muscle so I am going running by myself. I haven't been on a long run of more than seven miles by myself this training round since we were running together. Brandon really pushes me and makes me more focused (really :) ).

Does any training right now really count?

Tapering helps a runner lessen their training so the can be fresh for race day. The old saying is "the hay is in the barn." Your past hard training is what you are going to pull from and anymore hard core training will only break down your muscles and fatigue you.

Hab. 3:19

I confirmed my bib number and registration.

Team NameRegistered For    Bib #   Corral 

Shmidt, Erin

NA Half Marathon      2885     C

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Hannah said...

Gooo Erin!! You'll be great!