Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visting Nanna and Poppa Shmidt

Shmidt cousins! Cale is so quick he's hard to capture on camera, but he looks so much like Troy.
Brandon, the girls and Nanna and Poppa Shmidt before leaving.
Who is that cute couple? Aunt Christina and Uncle Troy, Brandon's brother, came over to eat with us and celebrate Christmas.
Sophia and the ever present Kirby, house cat, kids' favorite thing at Nanna's...

We embarked on a cross-country trip (well, crossing state trip) to Michigan at the end of December to celebrate Christmas and birthdays with Nanna and Poppa Shmidt.

We had a great trip up to Midland, Michigan and got there in around 4 hours! Score. It helps for us to pack a lunch and have them eat in the car.

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