Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sophia, 2

Sophia and Charlotte playing together at momma's house. Sophia says, "Char, Char?" when she sees mom. Amber moving so fast we can't see her cutting Sophia's hair for the first time.
Here is sissy in her hat (my hat) pushing her babies. She had my purse on the stroller handles.
Playing at COSI in the water area.
My sisters Jessie and Rachel introduced us to to the milk steamer at Starbucks. The girls love them and get them for special occasions. I just get one and ask for an extra cup, but the girls think it's the coolest thing ever.
Sophia Jane, 2
AKA "Sissy"

Sophia goes by the name Sissy around our house. It just started when she was born as an easy way for Ava to say her name. And now when we ask her name she points to her belly and says, "I sissy!" Rarely will she use Sophia.

I told my mom yesterday that Ava will be in the circus jumping out of the cannon, while Sophia will be the mommy with the gentle heart.

Ava is adventurous, outgoing, independent and a sweet helper, while Sophia likes routine, taking care of her little stuffed animals and quack quacks. She's a sweet little girl who is the best hugger and knows how to make you feel so special. She's not always quiet though, she can sing so loud that you just laugh...

Her favorite foods are frozen yogurt sticks, pizza, and cheese. My kind of girl. She loves fruit and even beans and nuts.

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