Sunday, March 20, 2011

Panda girls

Ava is ready to go hiking outside.
Sophia wearing my favorite panda hat I got for her. Both girls wanted it...
Down by Mill Creek tossing stones after dinner.
Sophia and her panda baby hat.

It's great when you get here. That's what Brandon and I said tonight about living in Marysville.

We love the low cost of housing, country feel and sunsets I can see from our front porch. We love the walking trail and water behind our house as well. Love the 10-minute wait at the Union County office for your license or that we are even on a different weather pattern, besides Delaware, than the rest of Columbus. The only thing that makes it tough is that Brandon is about 45-minutes one-way from his job. But, we knew that we were doing it for a little while.

We are blessed that I can stay at home with the girls and that was our goal when we chose living here. God is so good.

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