Monday, May 17, 2010

Where my girls at?

Our little Sophia is a ball of energy. She wakes up happy, ready for the day while Ava is a sourpuss. Ava is a sweetie though when she finally wakes up.

Sophia loves to eat fruit, has blonde, curly hair at the ends and loves to watch her big sister Ava. Ava is getting so big. She's not a toddler anymore. She is a "big girl."

Here's their funny things or new things going on:


  • Loves to read "Fancy Nancy" and any Dora books
  • Ava runs everywhere. She's not a walker.
  • Likes playing outside and going "out to eat."
  • Likes going to the library and playing on the computers
  • Likes to play dress up and draw. She puts her drawings in envelopes and brings them to me like our little niece Olivia used to do.
  • Likes to twirl and wear princess dresses.
  • Is 28 lbs.
  • Does not wear diapers at night anymore!
Famous sayings

  • "I do it myself!"
  • "Mommy, can I have my juice?" (first thing every morning). We are working on "Good morning!"
  • "Mom, poop is not for eating."
  • "Daddy is a boy and Mommy's a girl"
  • Ava told Brandon, "I farted like you dad."


  • Is a lover. She loves to cuddle even when she is not tired.
  • is busy, busy. She loves get into EVERYTHING!
  • Can wave high and say "thank you" and "hi" and bye" as well as other words.
  • Wears pampers baby dry size 4.
  • Is 22 lbs.
  • Loves bird and bunnies outside our window. She yells at them.
  • Likes being outside too. She tries to escape and go down the sidewalk.
  • Is starting to do the Miss Piggy oink I used to do. Today she did it in the library.
  • Likes to go "rorw" when she sees dinsoaurs.


Deni said...

I don't think I ever would have guessed that Ava was only 28 lbs...

In a weird way, it's comforting to me, I worry Parker will never see 30 lbs somedays.

I loved talking to you at the tea!

Erin said...

You too Denise. I just had her weighed at the drs. And she is really small!