Monday, February 15, 2010

It's snowing again

It's snowing again outside~so crazy how much snow we have had this winter. We got a huge snowstorm that lasted a couple of days about two weeks ago and then last week we got snow and then today it's snowing 8-10 inches.

The last time i remember snow this high was when we were little. And why does it always snow on or around Valentine's Day and my birthday (Jan. 13). It always snows on vday. Always.

What have you been doing to combat cabin fever?

Today we built a sweet tent, my best yet I must say, in the living room and had story time for almost 30 minutes (landmark if your kids sit more than 4 minutes), made potato soup (so good since I used the tops of the celery too) and chili with cannelini beans (Ava helped), did laundry, cleaned, workout out twice, read a little of "Little Women" and put up picture frames and put a bookshelf in Ava's room.

Ava was so excited about the bookshelf in her room that she sat and read to herself for 30 minutes and then told Brandon, "Daddy, do you want to see my bookshelf?"

I keep thinking about summer and what I would be doing if it was warm outside.

I would be playing outside with my girls, drinking some sweet tea, and grilling.

But, until then. What do you do during this weather to pass time?


The Kuhns Family said...

We had a birthday party for Bear. We baked a cake and had ice cream and hot chocolate. We made it a big extravaganza! Cleaned the house, set the table, candles, sang, the whole works. So much fun!

Erin said...

Kelly, we heard about the bear party and did it the next day. Ava loved it! she had a bear park as well. what a great idea!