Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas at the Shmidts

Ahh. This is "vacation brandon." Vacation Brandon is our funny thing we say to explain how relaxed he is on vaca. It usually happens anytime we travel away from our house, but especially Colorado (just saying "Colorado" makes Brandon smile. So serious. Try it this week.). Ava took this picture!
This was Ava's favorite new book, a disney storybook. Isn't she getting so big? I love her in purple and brown. My fav colors on her.

Sassy Sissy! I used to hate the word sissy. Hated it when parents called the younger sister, sissy. But, man it just seemed to fit her when she came and it stuck. Now I have to make myself say Sophia more. Never say never.

Sophia and Brandon before bed on Christmas Eve.

Poppa Shmidt and Sophia relaxing.

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