Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Camera issues

Our camera is not working so our photo posts will be a little less than normal. Well, it's mid-winter and we are doing good. The girls are both getting really big. Ava is almost three and Sophia is one.

Sophia is walking, talking ("hi," "bye," "daddy," "hola," "mommy," and some other things) and is taking one nap usually unless she is really tired. She loves to dump and play, get into the toilet water and to try to get into all of my cabinets. She is a big mommy's girl. If she doesn't see me for two hours she will give me the biggest bear hug. I love it.

Ava is miss adventure. She is taking "nastics" and loves to do somersaults, walk on the high beam and go under the parachute. Naptime is a little bit of a challenge as she isn't as tired, but she falls asleep around 5 pm if she does not take a nap.

She told me yesterday, "Mom, the birds are eating snow!" Then told them not to eat the snow, which was really birdseed. She also burped twice in my face and when I told her not to burp in my face she said, "Two burps mommy! That was two burps!" Oh my. What do you do with a 2-year old girl who is too smart for herself.

Her favorite toy is her stethoscope that Aunt Kelly gave her. She uses it to take care of her bears and dolls.

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Jess said...

I see a future nurse in miss Ava