Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Isn't it funny when God has a certain thing He is trying to get through to you and He hits it home at certain times?

I just wrote about grace on Sunday and tonight I heard another message about...grace. Great word.

At night when I have had a really long day, I love to listen to Pastor Adrian Rodgers on 89.1 FM. Rodgers makes the most basic lessons of life so captivating. I really love listening to him and the way he explains the Bible in simple, basic terms.

I listened to this tonight after taking my niece and nephew home from our house. My sister-in-law Kelly's dad is in the hospital and is suffering from cancer. She shared Christ again with him and it just really hit home tonight about how we know when we are saved.

This is his message on audio. Don't you love it? Sounds like a really basic message. But, it still spoke so much to me. Especially the part about asking people in our city if they are going to Heaven and having them reply, "I'm not sure," "i am doing the best I can," or "If I do good enough."

"...Not think, not wonder, not hope, but KNOW, that you have eternal life."

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