Monday, November 09, 2009

What to make for dinner.

Kids are fickle. You can make a gourmet meal and all they really care about is if ketchup is available. So, I love recipes that are nutritional and kids love. Plus, recipes that are tasty and quick.

Head to Giada at Home on Food Network and sample her baked macaroni and cheese cupcakes. So good. We made them tonight sans bread crumbs and loved, loved them. I loved how the cheese got all brown and bubbly.

I just used broccoli and peas for the veggies--that's all we had.

P.S. My sister, Rachel, and I were discussing why we love Giada or Barefoot Contessa versus a cook like Rachel Ray. Rachel thinks it's because we love looking at their life and getting a glimpse of what it would be like to be glamorous and pampered.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite chef?


Ali said...

Matt likes Giada. I think it's because she has a nice rack and wears low-cut shirts, but he claims it's because she can cook some darn good Italian. Yeah, whatever.

I love Paula Deen (mainly because she is so stinkin' entertaining), and Tyler Florence (ain't he a doll?)

The bummer is that I also like Giada. So we watch her a lot. Matt gets a lot of Giada time. But that's okay, because I think he likes my rack best.

Erin said...

Ha. Ha. I love it Ali! I love Paula Deen and Tyler too. I get to meet, hopefully, Tyler Florence this weekend at the Cleveland Food Show. Brandon calls him my food network boyfriend.

If Matt cooks Giada's recipes, that's awesome! Have you tried her Balsamic Vin. chicken? sooo goood.

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