Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sick kids

Sick kids
Ava was sick today with an ear infection. She woke up from her nap after the zoo saying, "Mommy, my ear hurts." Sophia has been not feeling well at all because of her teethies. She is up all night and just wants mommy. Not the bottle, not her sippy cup, just mommy. Anyways, sick kids can make your day long, but I am thankful for them, their cheekies and their sweet love.

Ava has been reading her Dora book about going to the doctors office. It was really helpful as we were going today because she realized where we were going. She kept asking about getting a "checkup" (I have never used this word around her).

Today as we went to the doctors office, Ava asked me, "Does sophia need a checkup too?" I was laughing so hard at how cute it was. She really cares about her little sister.

Sophia is still happy during the day, just grumpy at night. Hopefully, she gets her teething done soon and starts to take a bottle.

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