Saturday, October 17, 2009

funny sayings

We always have fun repeating things our nephews, nieces and kids say. Here are some funny ones the kids have been saying recently.

Ava: "Where's mommy?
Brandon: "She's out with other mommies."
Ava after thinking a moment: "Can I go out with other Ava's?"

Brandon leaves every morning before we get up, and Ava is always very concerned about his whereabouts. She always says, "Daddy go to work? Daddy go to his house?" So, our house is "Mommy's house" and his work is "Daddy's house."

Mommy is a princess as is Sophia and Daddy is a king.

Ava loves to call milk--"Agi."

Well, she doesn't talk, but she loves to bounce on her little bottom, roar like a lion (rahhhh) and blows out air through her lips. She can say, "Mamma, Daddy and hi" if you listen closely.

She also loves to wave! She waves all of the time and gives a great big smile with it.

love those girls.

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