Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 3 of being sick.

We are sick right now, both B and I. It's that kind of sickness that has body aches, chills and stuffy noses with a side of cough. Ugh. I was pretty bad last night and wondered why is it always worse around the late afternoon and night?

We have been disenfecting everything, including bathrooms and bedrooms and leaving windows open to let the air circulate (benjamin franklin believed this helped people not get sick so much). I have never seen Brandon this sick. And it's pretty hard to take care of kids when you are both sick. We have been going in shifts and taking naps a lot. Ava was the first person sick and now I think she is on the mend. Sophia, thankfully, is not sick at all.


christina said...

that's funny...i beleive in opening windows the BF way

Erin said...

ha. brandon told me that after I was telling him it's good. He hates it because it can be 20 degrees and I do that. I hate stale air. Hmmm. t-shirt quote?