Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nap time patrol

Ava playing in her bed during nap time.
Sophia chilling out. (Love my Land of Nod letters for Sophia!)

Um, Sophia, your paci is backwards!

Ava and her Dora slippers "building something."

Sophia through the slats in her crib. I loved this picture!

What is nap patrol?
Def. Making sure you kid(s) get enough sleep so they wake up happy, therefore making you happy.

Nap time around our house is a very sacred, daily ritual. It involves forgoing fun times out to make sure the girls get their naps in because frankly, I really suck on no sleep. And this mommy needs her hour break/nap. I have learned how to walk like an indian quietly checking on my little babies and trying so hard not to wake them up. To wake up a sleeping toddler or baby, is a cardinal sin.

It's those hard-learned lessons you have obtained through trial and error.

Most of the time it goes something like this:

Me thinking:
"Holy cow, Ava is hyper mama on that chocolate milk," Never, ever before naptime/bedtime again will her lips touch that stuff."

Here are some of my hard lessons that I have learned.
  • Never, ever give your child chocolate milk pre-naptime

  • Shut the babies door during nap time. Or your toddler will gladly enter their room after their nap is over shouting, "Hi SISSY! HI SISSY!" Wake Up!" Ugh.
  • Make sure you get a break and don't just clean!

Happy nap trails to you my friends.

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