Saturday, June 06, 2009

Walleye fry

Tonight Brandon fried up his fish that he caught on his walleye trip to Lake Erie. We were a little hesitant about which recipe to try. I mean fish can be daunting. Pin bones, silver skin and the smell can ward off even the bravest chefs. However, we were game. Brandon loves cornmeal crust and I love the batter from Old Bag of Nails, a restaurant here in Marysville. So, we compromised (ie. and well, we were out of cornmeal) and he made some great fish.

Brandon made two whole plates of fish. We ate one! Holy Moly. I need a hour walk now. Follow the great Barefoot Contessa's recipe for fish. We simply substituted walleye for cod. I made corn on the cob and the homemade tartar sauce with it (very easy). It was delicious.

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Matt and Evie Stark said...

Sounds wonderful...nothing better than fresh fish!