Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter egg pics!

Georgia and Ava at work with their eggs. Sophia is in the background.
Sophia at four months resting while her sister is busy doing her eggs. Happy Easter!

Picking out stickers. I love how Ali got the funny expression on Georgia's face. Little Eli is behind her.

Cindy Loo Whoo, AKA Ava, taking all of the stickers and putting them on her shirt, instead of her eggs. She really enjoyed dying her eggs yellow and blue. She kept on clunking them in the dye.
I have pictures to put on here, but wanted to say thanks to Ali for letting me put hers on my site. Sarah had the egg dying party and it was so fun. Thanks Sarah! The cupcakes were adorable.

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Ali said...

I love that nickname, Cindy Loo Who! Perfect.