Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sophia makes her grand debut this monday

Sophia Jane will be here Monday!
It's Saturday night and Brandon and I are going to have Sophia this Monday, Dec. 8 at Riverside. We are having an induction since I am already 3 cm and 39 weeks on monday. I can't wait.

We have had such a long road with trying to have Sophia for seven months and nine-plus months of pregnancy.

Ava keeps saying, "baby" and pointing with her little index finger at the baby. She loves to say, "Mommy" "Daddy" while pointing to us. She really is so sweet! I hope that we can make this transition smooth and easy.

That's my prayer for next week!

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Laurie said...

I hope to see pics of her soon! I hope everything goes smoothly and can't wait to meet your new little angel. Have a good day!!!! :)
Laurie & Evie