Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby Charlotte and Kelly were stylin at Thanksgiving! Charlie is 2 months already.
Aunt Becca and Ava were hanging out at mom's before Thanksgiving. Becca made a killer salad for Thanksgiving.
Such a cute fam! Ha. This was before thanksgiving at mom and dad's. Ava was wearing the cutest cable knit dress I got at Once Upon A Child. I found a matching cable knit outfit for Sophia in case she made her debut early.
Ava and I were matching in our white sweaters for Thanksgiving. It's getting harder to hold Ava because I have no lap anymore with baby Sophia.
This Thanksgiving, we celebrated with my family as we had to stick close to home since I am 37 weeks pregnant. We had a really great Thanksgiving. I went shopping early on Thanksgiving with my mom, Kelly and her mom, snagging one of the last(!) shopping carts in the store, even though it was only 6:50 am. So crazy.

Anyways, I got some really great items on sale. We are almost finished with Christmas shopping even though it's so hard to stop shopping for Ava! I could shop for her presents forever! There is so much stuff that you can get toddlers. Sophia will be only two weeks old so I am going to just get her a couple of things like a stuffed doggie from Ava and a pink fuzzy blanket from Carters. Becca got her the cutest little santa outfit for Christmas that I can't wait to see on her.

After a two-hour shopping blitz, I came home starved and made a huge brunch for Brandon, Ava and I. You will laugh when you read everything I made!

  • potato pancakes with parmasean
  • toast with strawberry jelly
  • strawberries and bananas
  • oatmeal with raisins

  • yummy scrambled eggs with hot pepper cheese

And the sad thing is, after eating this, I was hungry two hours later! The doctor said the baby is fully grown and now she is just packing on the baby fat. I guess! I have been so hungry lately.

So, after our huge brunch warmup for the big 3 p.m. meal, we crashed and napped until 12:30 p.m. and then got ready and headed to my parents. We got to visit for awhile before going to Aunt Chris and Uncle Juniors in Westerville. They always do such a great job and Aunt Chris always sets out her nice china and silverware and makes everyone feel really welcome.
We literally had mounds and mounds of food to eat. Sadly, I only had one plate, but everything was so good! Ava really devoured the homemade noodles (note to self: get that recipe) and Grandma's pumpkin pie and mom's gravy and turkey were yum!

I think the highlight of the day was just watching all of the little cousins start to bond and play. It was really sweet to see how life just continues on and on and how we are really apart of something bigger than just ourselves. I know it sounds mushy, but it was really neat to know that your life is connected to family and friends.

We didn't get to see Brandon's family for Thanksgiving or some of my sisters, so we wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. You guys are always in our thoughts!
We love you and wish you happy holidays!

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