Monday, October 20, 2008

Saving money 2

Brandon and I were reviewing our monthly overhead since Sophia is coming, which means looking at all of our bills and seeing if they meet our current lifestyle. I love doing this and love trying to get good deals. It's kind've like a game for us.

This weekend we saved more than $100 per month just by giving all of our utility providers a call and tweaking our plans. We called Verizon and added on text messaging since we didn't have it, asked three companies for special offers. Since we have been customers for more than three years with all of these companies...they said yes. Overall, we will save $1,200 in the upcoming year.

We also got HBO free for three months with our satellite, XM free for 3 months, and credits on two of our bills from last month. Additionally, we lowered the interest rate on our only credit card to a crazy low rate.

It kind've felt like Christmas!

I totally encourage you to call your providers and ask for any special offers. Especially in this economy it's great to save money just by a phone call.

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