Sunday, October 19, 2008

outside fun

Ava loves to swing on swings this way since she saw some of the boys in our playgroup doing it. She is getting so big! She is now 2o months.
Ava swinging at Coffman Park.
If you have a little toddler, you will understand how much they LOVE to go outside. Ava will literally throw a fit when she sees all of the neighbor kids outside because she wants to join in the fun. We took this picture of her by the pumpkins this weekend (oct. 18).
And these are some of the pumpkins that I used to make pumpkin puree. It was pretty easy since I followed a recipe for it from Martha Stewart. It just took about an hour to steam the pumpkins. The puree is a beautiful yellow that doesn't look like canned pumpkin at all! So yum. Alas, my attempts at pumpkin ravioli failed, miserably. It was a McDonalds night. he. he.

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