Sunday, October 26, 2008

the great pumpkin debacle

Note to self:
Next year, don't wait until the last weekend before halloween before getting your "punkins" (as ava calls them). We went today and found...ZERO at the pumpkin patch. I mean really, when are all of these people getting there pumpkins, September? Good thing we didn't have kids who were older and knew!

Even the tractor went past us and didn't pick up us or anyone else in the patch. Ouch. We did get to buy one pumpkin, the only decent-looking pumpkin in the store. I told Brandon that movies really don't make it up when you wait until the last weekend to buy something like trees or pumpkins. This was our charlie brown pumpkin!

On the bright side I had left my memory card at home so we didn't have a camera to take pictures of the pumpkin debacle. We did get a dozen amazing pumpkin and apple donuts though!

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