Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charlotte is here! (baby no. nine in the kuhns fam)

Baby Charlotte is here!

Mom and Kelly peeking at Charlotte while she takes a snooze. Charlotte was healthy like her dad and weighed 4 lbs and 15 oz.
Proud daddy Luke and Ava were checking out Charlotte's sweet smile.

Kelly and Luke had baby Charlotte last friday! Charlotte was so adorable. I thought she looked like Ethan when he was a baby! They stayed at Riverside until Sunday when they went home on Kelly's birthday. What a homecoming. They had 70 mph winds as the hurricane swept through Ohio, and they went to mom and dad's to weather it out for the night! What a crazy birthday for Kelly and homecoming. There are now nine grandchildren for mom and dad.

Baby Sophia will be number 10~

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