Monday, November 27, 2006

almost at 8 months!

31 weeks + 1 day
i can't believe how quickly the last part of the second semester went! I felt like it practically flew by. I have been enjoying feeling ava more as she gets bigger. on saturday i could actually feel a boney elbow or foot (still not very good at deciphering the body parts!) sticking out. It's so neat to constantly feel so close to ava and to feel all of her little bumps and hiccups.

ava also is hiccuping a lot. I can barely bend over in the car to get something on the floor when we are driving because she always starts hiccuping. I have read that it's harmless for them and it's not like hiccuping in adults where it can feel uncomfortable.

Last night i dreamt that i went into labor and had ava and got to meet her and see her sleeping in the hospital nursery. it was so real it made me sad to think i still have around 8-9 more weeks until i get to meet her!

I am feeling pretty good except for the backaches and rib pain late in the day. Morning is my favorite part of the day now. I actually called my dr because i thought it was contractions because i had a sharp pain in my ribs constantly. My dr said it was probably the baby resting up high -- ava had her little toes in my ribs. The dr said when this happens it can really hurt! Who knew a little rib tickle could be so painful! Other than that, i have weird fluidy hands, it feels like the fluid in those eye gel packs where you can move the liquid around. When brandon massages my hands it feels like heaven! Any kind of massage feels like heaven!

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